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Lowest prices on Babyliss flat irons and compare to other brands here and read reviews of hair straighteners. Browse for BaByliss flat irons and compare with Sedu, Solia, Bion to find the hair straightner iron best for your curly hair. BaByliss hair straighteners feature Tourmaline technology that creates negative ions and infrared heat. The BaByliss is an ozon titanium flat iron. The negative ions seal your hair cuticles, which helps get rid of the frizzies. The infrared heat penetrates the hair shaft, drying hair more quickly and with less damage.

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BaByliss Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Customize your hair straightening routine to your personal hair type! The BaByliss Flat Iron Pro TT 1 ½” Hair Straightener is the perfect tool for medium to long hair. The adjustable temperature control allows you to turn up, or down, the heat in order to get the best results for your hair type.

BaByliss Flat Iron Features:

  • 40 heat settings
  • Tourmaline is a natural source if negative ions
  • Negative ions eliminate frizz and close the cuticle to create smooth hair
  • Infrared heat penetrates hair from within, resulting in faster styling with less damage
  • Pure precious gem stone crystals of tourmaline
  • Ozon titanium flat iron lasts
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BaByliss Flat Irons / BaByliss Hair Straighteners

BaByliss flat iron hair straightener reviews:

"I got this BaByliss flat iron about 6 months ago i have to say it works great!! The suede started peeling off a little but the read coating is just as good as new! I works awesome and straightens my hair with 5 minutes. Also, unlike my friends $200 iron, it doesn't get your hair drop dead straight. Instead the heat soften your hair so it just naturally falls straight and flows with your face. If u do want your hair super straight you have to go over your hair a couple times though! Overall a great hair straightener...highly recommended." ~ Kristy from Toronto

"I just got this BaByliss hair straightener today so I'll update later how it's been working out...but i put it on about a medium setting(I love how many stetings it has, a lot of choices so you make sure you don't burn your hair) because my hair's pretty much straight just very frizzy and dried out. I used this and it only took me about 5-10 minutes to get my whole head of hair done. It makes it very shiny and straight. I love it so far.." ~ Maria, Shelley ID

"I love this BaByliss flat iron straightener! It straightens my hair and my daughters hair (which is VERY curly) in less than an hour,where other ceramic straighteners we've owned took me over an hour and a half. It heats up quickly, and the protective velour like covering over the paddles really prevents burns, which with my daughters thick, curly hair, was a common thing. Very happy with my purchase, and well worth the couple extra bucks!" ~ customer from Perkasie PA

"I love the iron. I have read the other comments and I have to say that if you turn the iron down you won't burn you hair. Also if you pull it fast and use something that protects your hair it works great. I have red hair and we have dry hair but this iron along with products that protect your hair it works great. I love it!!! Everytime I use the BaByliss flat iron I feel like I have just walked out of the salon." ~ Lisa Benedict

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