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Bion Japanese ceramic digital hair ironThe Bion Japanese Ceramic Digital Hair Straightener was designed for professional hair stylists and is made with non-scratch ceramic tourmaline plates. It's user friendly design decreases risk of developing repetitive stress releated problems. lowest cost shop Bion Japanese Ceramic Digital Hair Straightner


Bion Japanese Ceramic Digital Hair Straightners

"I loved the way it makes you hair so striaght in quick time" ~ Michelle Veloz, Miami Compare prices and save on the lowest cost buy Bion Flat Irons

hair sedu straighteners before and after

What satisfied customers say after using the Bion Japanese Ceramic Digital Hair Straightener

"Try this. All the other irons just make my hair look dull, dry, and dead. I tried this and it amazed me how well and natural it looked. buy this pleeez and ill be surprised if u dont like it." ~ Ashlee, Los Angeles

"After borrowing this iron from a friend I completly fall in love with it. I start searching it on the internet, and even though it is expensive I decide to buy it 'cuz it really is worth it. " ~ Cynthia Cantu, Texas


Features of the Bion Japanese Digital Straightener:

  • Fine ceramic for smooth, silkie straight hair that stays straightened longer.
  • Straightens hair even in humid environments.
  • Scratch resisting, long lasting ceramic plates. Ceramic plated surfaces won't chip off or wear out after long use.
  • Far-infrared heat and negative ions by tourmaline restores the vitality of your hair, seals cuticles and eliminates frizzie hair..
  • Bion Japanese ceramic digital heater by Kyocera gives instant, constant heat all the time.
  • Contour grip design enables long-term operation without tiring wrist or arms.
  • 10 foot heavy duty electrical cord.
  • Strengthened all round swivel connection prevents messy tangling.
  •  Bion is quality designed as you expect from Japanese flat irons for hair straightening.