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Wedding Day Bridal Hairstyles

Bridal Hairstyle Bun with CrownLong Wavy Bridal Hair StyleYour bridal hairstyle is on your mind. You are getting married this weekend and everyone in the house is busy doing all the preparations for the big day. You as the bride are the busiest of course, attending to many details for the church wedding and for the wedding reception that follows the rites.

The frenzy in the wedding preparations picks up as the date fast approaches, and your mom reminds you that you should not forget to go to the parlor to choose one of those bridal hairstyles that the hair stylists have displayed weeks before the wedding. You and your mom are regular customers at the parlor and you have made many friends amoin g the workers there, especially the hair stylists who regularly do your hair style for you for any occasion.

Here Comes the Bridal Hairstyle

Bridal Hairstyles Nicole KidmanAs regular parlor customers, they are giving you special attention on your own wedding, which has been big news in the parlor since you told them about it way back. Of course, the homos are among the more excitable when it comes to the subject of weddings, as they are the ones normally sent by the parlor management to the house of any bride needing to have her choice of the bridal hair styles done on her right in her house. The homos in the parlor each have their kits ready to serve the needs of brides for their hair to be rendered in their houses. Your case is no different – the homo who has been doing your hair most of the time got appointed by the management to take care of your hair for your wedding.

Long Bridal Hair StyleThe members of you mom’s garden club have all been invited to the wedding, and they are among the more excited of the guests. They have gone to your parlor getting more information about the choice you have made from among the many bridal hairstyles on display in the parlor. The gossipy ladies maybe do not want to be behind the hair styles of your guests on your wedding day, because they know you are always a stunner with any hair style you choose to wear.

The garden club ladies are excited to learn that you have chosen a shag hair style version of the bridal hairstyles that you and your husband-to-be have agreed on. Your bridegroom is a modernistic type so there was no problem getting his okay when you suggested that you would try out the shag version in your own wedding, to be different from other weddings the two of you have attended.

Bridal Hairstyles with CrownBridal Hairstyles UpdoAnything goes these days however, including the bridal hairstyles brides may wear to their weddings. Beautiful women though (you are certainly one of them) wear the shag very becomingly as any hair style could work wonders for them. Your bridegroom knows that you will be the envy of the women attending your wedding as you have been a consistent winner in the beauty contests you been competing. Of course, all eyes will be upon you again this time in your very own wedding; after all, you have been a top fashion model all these years for nothing.