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Butane Curling Irons

Butane Curling Iron

Butane Curling Iron - Braun Cordless Styler

Butane powered cordless curling iron and volume brush in one. Cordless ultra fast heat-up for convenient styling anytime, anywhere. This Butane Cordless Curling Iron (sometimes called propane curling iron) includes a curling iron, volume brush attachment and an easy to replace 14g energy cell (butane cartridge).  Curling Iron Rating:

Review: "I wanted this butane cordless curling iron for work. I was looking for the Clicker from the 80's. I guess they don't make that one any more. This is just like it except it's a little bigger. I just tried it out and it's excellent and even has the brush attachment." ~ Kim from New Jersey writing about Baum curling irons.

Butane Cartridge: Braun CT2 Energy Cell
Butane cartridge for Braun's cordless styling system (Model C20, C20S, GCC90). Each butane cartridge lasts about 11 weeks of average usage. (Butane curling irons cartridges are sometimes referred to as propane cartridges and sometimes confused with catridge hair flat irons..} Rating:

Review: "I have owned my cordless curling iron so long I could no longer find the butane cartridge replacement cells anywhere.........until now. I use it every morning on my way to work it saves me time at 3 am. I can use it anywhere it heats up fast and delivers real heat for great curls." ~ Kerri Bigham from Ennis, TX writing about Braun butane cartridges for butane curling irons