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Hair Clippers, How to Choose the Best

Hair Clippers HaircutWhen you do the haircuts of members of your family especially the kids, you must take extra efforts to research on the various types and brands before choosing a hair clipper. The more popular brands of hair clippers are Conair, Vidal Sasson, Wahl, Andis, Remington and Norelco. You can have any of them for $10 to $50 – the price depends on what the features are of the unit you buy and what the accessories included in its package are. Your choice could depend on the kind of hair you will be cutting, and on what are the hairstyles that are your family’s favorites.

Haircut with Hair Clippers

Hair Clippers Short Hair CutYou should go for the cordless type when choosing a hair clipper, which is a more practical hair-cutting tool, especially for the kids who are normally very restless when you do their haircuts, moving unnecessarily all the time. At least, when your hair clipper is cordless, there will be no power cord getting in the way as you battle a kid’s constant movements. The cordless hair clipper is safer to use also for the kids, as the power source will be just a rechargeable battery, which does not have electrical voltage, compared to the type that you plug to an electrical outlet in your house. There is less chance of an electrocution accident happening due to the restlessness of the kids.

Oster Hair ClippersGet also the type that has the base designed to recharge it every time you put the equipment back in place, so you can be sure that it will be ready for use the next time you do the haircuts of the kids again. Choosing a hair clipper of this kind also ensures that you can easily find it anytime in the place where you normally do the recharging of many of your hand-held gadgets, like the cell phones that you and your children now use. A hair clipper not replaced in its base can be misplaced anywhere and might be difficult to find, if you forgot where you put it the last time you used it. When you tuck it in its base at the recharging area, you can easily remember where to get it when needed.

In choosing a hair clipper, make it a point also to get the type, which has vacuum accessories that can help you solve the problem of stray bits of hair that can be messy, after doing a hair-cutting job on the restless kids. Cleaning up after an unusually tiring hair-cutting session with your boys can be a lot easier, when you use the vacuum accessories that came with your hair clipper.

The final important thing that you should remember in choosing a hair clipper is that it must have the necessary lubricating oil and cleaning brush with which to clean and lubricate it, before putting it away, ready for use the next time around. You have to keep your hair clipper cleaned and maintained this way, as it could cause you problems later if you neglect doing so. Below, find the top models of hair clippers.