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Cricket Hair Dryer

Cricket Hair Dryer

Cricket Hair Dryer Centrix 5000

Cricket Hair Dryer - Centrix 5000 Professional Blow Dryer
The Cricket Hair Drier: Centrix 5000 is an incredibly powerful blow dryer. It produces 25% more air than other leading hair dryers – up to 50 mph – that’s equal to currents products by gale force winds! Delivers Fast Drying Time. Cricket Hair Dryer Rating:
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"I had this Cricket hair dryerr for 2 years and I LOVED it. One day while getting ready I dropped it and it broke! I could not find the same drier anywhere and went through 3 other driers (some very exspensive) but they weren't the same. They didn't have the blow power the Cricket hair drier has. If you like power you will love this Cricket blow dryer, I do! It took alot of searching to find this model again so thank you." ~ Donna, Windsor, CA writing about her Cricket Hair Dryer Centrix 5000

"I rate this Cricket hair dryer the best, ive been in the hair bizz for 23 years .It cuts my time in half which brings me more money and less time wasted on drying the hair.my coworkers have used mine time and time again because of time saved on our clients thats why im looking to get 4 more Cricket hair dryers and we can all be more productive." ~ Brenda Phillips, Monterey, CA writing about her Centrix Cricket Hair Drier

Cricket Hair Dryer 5175 Tourmaline Ionic Blow Dryer
This Cricket hair dryer utilizes Tourmaline technology to dry your hair quickly and keep it healthy. Plus, with 2 heat speed settings and a cold shot, you can tailor your blow-drying routine to your hair's needs. Cricket Hair Dryer Rating:
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