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Elchim Hair Dryers

Elchim Hair Dryer: Galaxy Blow Dryer

ELCHIM Hair Dryer: Galaxy Blow Dryer

The Elchim Hair Dryer Galaxy 1800 Watt Blow Dryer is used by professional hairdressers and is famous for being quiet and powerful. Elchim Hair Dryer Rating:

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Review: "I'm not entirely satisfied with this Elchim hair dryer, but that may be because my hair is very curly and generally hard to blow dry. Honestly I think the blow dryer dries too fast, which I guess is a good thing. It is very heavy though. I'm sure it will last a very long time though ." ~ Emily from Texas writing about her Elchim Hair Dryer

Elchim Blow Dryer: Super Polo Turbo Hair Drier

ELCHIM Hair Dryer: SuperPolo Turbo Dryer

This Elchim hair dryer sports a sleek design for super sexy hair with the blow dryer that delivers quality and power simultaneously.  Elchim Hair Dryer Rating:

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Review: "My professional hairdresser recommended this product to me and I am so glad she did! I have a lot of mid length hair and it dries my hair quickly and efficiently ." ~ Chris from California writing about her Elchim Hair Dryer

Elchim Hair Dryer: Uragano Ionic Blow Dryer

ELCHIM Blow Dryer: Uragano Ionic Hair Dryer
A new way of treating hair! Elchim's Hair Dryer with Negative Ion Generating Systemô produces a continuous stream of ions, so drying time is reduced by 50%, while hair stays smooth and shiny. Elchim Hair Dryer Rating:

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Review: "My sister recommended this Elchim hair dryer to me, and it was one of the best recommendations she ever gave me. The Elchim dryer works amazingly fast - my hair is dry in less than half the time of my previous dryer. It has a longer cord than my previous dryers, too, which makes it easier to use. My hair has greater volume, even though I haven't changed my hair products or drying technique. I'm crazy about this blow dryer" ~ Linda from Virginia writing about her Elchim Hair Dryer