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Features of the Euro Style Flat Irons

  • Thermal Response Technology provides consistent temperatures for continuous straightening
  • 170 watts reach extra-hot temperatures
  • Separate heating systems for each plate provide superior performance
  • Ergonomic Euro style flat iron design - lightweight and balanced
  • 50-second heat-up
  • 12 heat settings for all hair types
  • Dual voltage for use in U.S. and Europe. Perfect travel ceramic hair straighteners.
  • Gold plates for faster, even heat distribution
  • 1" rounded plate edges ideal for shorter hair lengths
  • 3-year warranty
  • Model: WG5302

What satisfied women say after using the Wigo Euro Style Flat Iron. . .Samantha says, "If I am late for an important event, this euro sytle flat iron gets my hair looking great in a short time. I've never had a problem with it and I can tell you I always look great after using it." compare all major brands of hair straighteners and flat irons at low price.

Carmen from New York says, "I've been using this euro style flat iron for about 3 weeks and I have nothing but good things to say. It does what it's supposed to and my hair does not feel dry or rough. Leaves it nice and shiny. Of course I blow dry before but it does give it a nice finishing touch."
Elizabeth from Frankfort, KY says "This euro style flat iron straightener isn't the best, but since it isn't ceramic and doesn't have a lot of the newer improvements like the other flat irons, it's not supposed to make your hair perfect. It simply gets your hair straight and pretty without noticeable damamge, although after a few minutes in humid weather your hair may tend to look a little curly or wavy again. The only major flaw about this euro style flat iron straightener is that on the inner ends of the plates can snag your hair where the plastic comes together when you close it- and yes before learning to avoid the situation it was pretty painful, but besides that this straightner is great for simple every day use."

Wigo Euro Style Flat IronWigo Professional Euro Style Flat Iron

With Thermal Response Technology that maintains precise temperatures for uninterrupted styling. The perfect travel ceramic hair straighteners. buy now



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