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FHI Curling Irons

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FHI Curling Iron

FHI Curling Iron

FHI Curling Iron is from a new and improved line of ceramic curling irons featuring an advanced PTFC heater, a digital LCD display, and an adjustable temperature setting.

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FHI Curling Iron: Ceramic Ion Styling Iron - 1 inche

This FHI Curling Iron flips, twists, straightens and curls with technologically advanced 1" ionic flat iron. Model 205RFI. FHI Curling Iron Rating:

Product details

Review: "The FHI curling iron is amazing. i love to straighten my hair but my old one was really bad and killed my hair and my best friend had the CHI curling iron, so i used it once in a while and it was pretty good. but then my aunt told me that there was something else, the FHI curling iron. so i said okay why not try it and see if its good. so my aunt got it for me and i love it soooo much!! it does give off a little smell from the heat but it does NOT go off on your hair which is good! i would definately recommend this product to all girls who love their hair straight." ~ Katy writing about the FHI Curling Iron

"I just upgraded to a FHI Curling Iron because my friend did my hair for a wedding with her chi, AMAZING and it held up in the heat so let me just say it was nothing short of a miracle." ~ Pinar from New Jersey writing about the FHI Curling Iron