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GHD Flat Iron

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GHD Flat Irons (GHB Flat Iron)

GHD Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener MK4

GHD Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener (MK 4)
The Mark 4 GHD Flat Iron/Styler is all you will ever need to create perfect curls, movement and volume. GHD Flat Iron Rating:
Product details

Review: "This GHD flat iron is top of the line -- the best I have ever used. It has a beep that goes off when the iron is ready. The iron is really cute too but best of all the results on my hair were magnificient. It's going to be hard for any other iron to beat this one." ~ Mary from Virginia writing about her GHD Flat Iron hair straightener.

GHD Flat Iron Hair Straightner MK3

GHD Flat Iron Hair Straightener (MK3)
Designed for US and Canadian market, this GHD straightener(model MK3) works with power outlet of 110/120 voltage. GHD Flat Iron Rating:
Product details

Review: "The first time I saw this GHD flat iron I was in a salon. The guy that did my hair was great! I thought there was no way my hair could come out like that if I did it myself. Because thats always the way it was. UNTIL NOW!!!! My hair really does come out just as good when it was done by a pro. I used to go 2x a week to straighten my hair. Now, I rarely get my hair done unless its for highlights. I've tried so many hair straighteners, and this GHD flat iron takes the cake.." ~ Jean from NY writing about her GHD Flat Iron.

GHD Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Straightener 1.75 inches

GHD Flat Iron Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener (1.75 inches)
Perfect for use on longer, thicker and heavily texturized hair; for working with larger sections of hair; and for using with other ghd irons to create different effects and textures. 110/120V for US/Canada market. GHB Flat Iron Rating:
Product details

Review: "My hair is the most stubborn hair unimaginable. My sister told me about this GHD flat iron and I was not convinced at first because I thought NOTHING could tame my hair. I have thick, full, very long (below butt), spongy, coarse, most stubborn hair... and this "baby" has been able to tame the beast. It is not heavy at all. This GHD Flat iron is made for hair like mine so on the other end it has some tips to grip it with your other hand for full support. Besides you need a pretty large flat iron to work with hair like mine, and there is no way I would trade it in for a lowly Sedu. If you have hair like mine, this is the flat iron to get." ~ Silvia from LA writing about her GHD Flat Iron hair straightener

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