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Chic Hairstyles for a Round Face

Hairstyle for Round FaceThe hair style for a round face can be with long or short hair, depending on the woman wearing it – the main consideration being that her face is round in shape. The “roundness” varies too, so it is up to the individual deciding on the kind of hair style she gets at the parlor. Her hair stylists differ also among themselves in their judgment on how round is a face. In the end, what counts most is that the woman wearing the particular hair style fits the style she gets after stepping out of the parlor.

Cameron Diaz Hairstyle for Round FaceWhen the hair stylists first debated on what hair style for round face she should have, there were many disagreements on which of the styles in the pictures should they follow, as the stylists could not even agree on the degree of roundness of her face. Of course, the hair stylists present were all women and the indecisiveness of women was very much evident.

Getting the Right Hairstyle for Your Round Face

The noisy discussions continued when the two gay men working in the parlor came in and added to the seeming confusion until the woman customer finally just pointed to the picture she wanted them to follow. That ended the debate, and used as they are to the saying that the customer is always right, everyone agreed to her decision. The gay men executed an “I told you so” teasing at their fellow hair stylists, when they happened to be right in their recommendation of the hair style for round face because it was what the customer decided on finally.

Hairstyles for Round Face - Kirsten DunstOf course, the roundness of one’s face is not really the criterion that counts – it is her final choice of the hairstyle for round face she wants that gets to be implemented in spite of what others say. Anyway, when the woman hits the streets, the wolf whistles from the cats are unending, simply because the woman is a beauty really especially with the way she walks. The graceful way she walks could be the cause of the wolf whistles, or the hair style she is wearing – only the woman really knows.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Hairstyle for Round FaceMaybe it is the way she smiles at the boys, because boys really whistle at anything that appear as beautiful to them. It is the natural reaction of a healthy male to appreciate beauty, as he is aware that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. His wolf whistle is the first step that he uses to catch the woman’s attention - and any woman will react to a wolf whistle, else she gets a failing mark among the boys, maybe not for the hair style for round face she wears, but because of her failure to smile in her appreciation of the wolf whistle.

A woman should not commit the mistake of not smiling when she gets wolf whistles, because those whistles show she deserves to have them. A woman who does not attract the admiration of the boys despite the hair style for round face she wears, is a failure in her choice of her hairstyle. Hopefully, that should be the only reason.