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Jerdon Hair Dryers

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Jerdon Hair DryerJerdon Hair Dryer Wall Mounted Blow Dryer

The Jerdon Hair Dryer gives you more room for yourself with this powerful wall mounted blow dryer. The sturdy construction of the Jerdon blow drier allows you to attach the unit hotel style to your bathroom wall for easy convenience. Jerdon Hair Dryer Rating:

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Jerdon Hair Dryer Reviews: "This is my 3rd purchase of a Jerdon Hair Dryer in the last several years, sold houses and left them mounted on the wall. Works great and very convenient, especially like the coiled cord. Next time I move I'll try to get another one." ~ R. Evans from Pensacola FL writing about his Jerdon Hair Dryer

"This Jerdon hair dryer was easily installed, does not stick out to get in your way. The settings make it easy to style your hair or just dry it. It is quiet and the cord does not tangle. It has a removable filter to keep it clean and not jam up. I would defintely buy the Jerdon blow dryer again." ~ Jan Love from Florida writing about her Jerson Hair Dryer

"I am not a internet shopper normally, but this was very professional and educated info about the Jerdon hair dryer. I recomend the Jerdon hair dryers to anybody. THANK YOU for a great JOB. Jerdon wall mounted hair dryers are probaly the very best dryer for the money. they are always ready to go and out of the way." ~ George from Litchfield MN wriing about his Jerdon Hair Dryer