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Kenta Flat Iron

Kenta Flat Iron

kenta flat iron

Kenta Flat Iron
Kenta Flat Iron produces curls like a roller set and delivers silky straight hair with this narrow flat iron that features rounded edges, quick heat-up, high, consistent and even heat. Hand crafted in Italy. Free Shipping Flat Iron Rating:

Product details

Kenta Flat Iron Features:

  • Kenta Flat Iron delivers great curls and smooth straight hair
  • Kenta Flat Iron provides 140 watts provides speedy heat up time
  •  Kenta Flat Iron comes with 1-1/4 inch wide flat iron plate size

Kenta Flat Iron Reviews:

"For years I tried tons of different straightners that never actually straighten my thick and wavy hair. I finally found one, and its the Kenta flat iron hair straightner. This is the by far best hair straightner ever!" ~ Julie from Illinois

"I have used MANY flat irons and nothing works as well as the Kenta flat iron. Ceramic may be better for your hair, but it does not work and LAST on thick/curly hair. The Kenta flat iron gets mine stick straight and it will not curl again until it's wet." ~ Shannon

"I have used many flatirons in my career as a high end hairstylist and the Kenta Flat Iron has every thing I need. It quickly makes the hair smooth and shiny without burning or damage and I recommend it to my clients all the time." ~ Rachel V. from Beverly Hills, CA writing about the Kenta Flat Iron