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The Attraction of Layered Hairstyles

Layered Hairstyles of 12 CelebritiesThe layered hairstyle can be so attractive in young people now wearing the latest in hair styles that the parlors have created after so much research and experimentation. The hair stylists with their regular women guests have been trying out various hair styles as the moods for hairstyles change, sometimes with the seasons of the year, like the shag, which came as a bit “shocking” to some people when it first came out.

But this hairstyle now is one that people had gotten used to seeing after over many years since it came out from the shops of hair stylists. The shag was the result of layered hairstyle experiments by the hair stylists with the collaboration of the adventurous women customers they have, who want to try out new hairstyles as time rolls by.

The Layered Hairstyle is for Everyone

Shag Layered Hair StyleThe attitude toward layered hairstyles like the shag has been changing over the years and people now realize that women can indeed be beautiful wearing this kind of hair style, especially with well-known celebrities wearing them too. Now young women wear layered hair styles of all kinds designed for various facial shapes and get wolf whistles as they pass by admiring males, also wearing their own versions of layered hairstyles.

The word ‘young’ could refer to a woman up to age 40 - beyond that is another story. An older woman who wears the layered hair styles somehow does not seem to look like she is a good fit for the stylish hairdo. Some men even are of the opinion that older women sharing the style for the young are unkempt; they have a different view of the young women though – they think they are cute, with that same style where the older women fail to get their approval.

Lisa Rinna Layered HairstyleThiessen Layered Hair StyleThe technology on how to make one’s self look young and beautiful has advanced so much after so many years, that now it is possible for an older woman to have the smooth skin and complexion of a teenager. A facelift she undergoes gives her the smooth skin of a teenager except that portion of her face hidden under the neck that hides the folded facial skin. If the older woman gets a matching layered hairstyle, she could deceive some people who do not look closer.

This is a free country though, and everyone is entitled to anything she wants, provided she can afford it. So, a woman can get her facelift and her layered hairstyle and nobody should prevent her from getting it. She can always get the support of the people in the parlor when it comes to whether a style for the young would be good for her. They always assure her that the hair styles they have are for everyone, young and old.

The hair stylists in the parlor always encourage the older women to go for the latest in layered hairstyles, as they are the more generous in giving the tips to the hair stylists, who also depend on the tips so much to add to their income.