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Maxiglide Maxius Hair Straightener Irons

Maxiglide hair straightener irons come in a value pack, which contains a Maxiglide flat iron with steam-burst technology (premium model), maxiglide hair straightener ironsa bonus hair styling tips DVD and a bonus Maxiglide flat plate. Straightening hair is easy with the Maxiglide Maxius. This hair straightener seen on TV has an ergonomic, streamlined handle that fits perfectly in your hand and makes hairstyling easy.

Maxiglide Maxius can create flips and curvy styles as well as straight hairstyles. Steam Burst System gives just the right amount of steam where you need it, to smooth frizzy, wavy hair. Maxiglide hair straightener irons detangling pins allow you to completely detangle hair to the very ends. Maxiglide hair straightener irons come with a Full Year Manufacturer Warranty. Compare Maxiglide hair straightener irons.

Ceramic technology puts out negative ions and distributes heat quickly for shiny, silky finish while revitalizing hair. Wide plates provide more room for each section of hair, allowing for quicker styling. Design features curved edges and corners, so you can see where the Maxiglide hair straightener iron is on your hair relative to your scalp. Also see the ISO Hair Straightner

Product reviews for Maxiglide Hair Straighteners. . .
Sharon from KY says: "I loved the Maxi glide. I read some of the reviews and found that some people must not have read the instructions. The instructions say you do not need to squeeze the handle together. That is one of the major differences (which is a huge plus) between this product and others. It helps to separate and straighten the hair."

Does Maxiglide work on African American hair? Read what Nicole from Miami, FL says: "It's a great product. I have very kinky hair. I'm african- american. Yes, it works for any type of hair. No more perms or other chemical products. . . . trust me when it's in good condition and you know what your doing it can be an amazing product." buy Maxi glide hair straightener irons

"I've always hated my hair, but once I discovered the Maxiglide Maxius, I realized I could finally have great hair. The Maxiglide Maxius not only straightens my hair, but it leaves my hair very soft and frizz free. I can finally wear my hair down in public, and I don't have to worry about it becoming frizzy. I love Maxiglide straightners." ~ Merrilee from Macon, GA

Maxiglide Straightners

The Maxiglide hair straightener iron steam-burst design with detangling pins, channels and ceramic technology creates sleek, shiny and straight hair in minutes, without blowing the hair smooth first.

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Maxiglide hair straightener irons.