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First Prom Hairstyles

Prom Hairstyles Formal UpdoEasy Prom Hair Style Long Wavy HaircutFirst prom hairstyles mark a milestone in any high school or college girl’s life. It is the annual prom where she participates either as a junior for the first time, and as a senior for the second time. She thus has only four occasions when she can join a prom throughout her student life in high school and college.

The very first prom she attends, as a junior in high school, may be the jitteriest for her, because it will be her first time to attend a formal social affair – it will also be her first experience to choose among the many prom hairstyles available. She could be at her most awkward as a first timer in a formal dance, having been used only to disco dancing in dark disco joints. She did not care so much how she looked when she was in disco affairs then, as everybody – boys and girls- were all in rugged informal wear.

Prom Hairstyles for the High School Junior

Prom Hair UpdoLong Prom HairstylesShe remembered winning even in one disco event an award as the “most rugged girl disco dancer for the night” and could not believe herself getting it. She was just having fun at that time the best way she could.

In a prom, all that is changed. Now she must go in a formal dress and in the formal prom hairstyle that she had to get at the parlor. The hair stylists at the parlor too are all excited at her going to a prom for the first time, as they know her only as the lanky teenager who used to accompany her mom at the parlor when her mother had to get her hair done.

Prom Hair Style for Short HairProm Hairstyle Long HairThey only remember her then as the girl blossoming into her teenage years, but uninterested in hair styles, dismissing the hair stylists’ invitation to have her hair done – saying that she was okay with her girly bob. The women hair stylists in the parlor could not do anything, as she told them that she did not need any formal style like the prom hairstyles, because her boyfriend liked her short hair then.

Now she is in the parlor talking about prom hair styles suddenly. The hair stylists could not believe what they were hearing from the rugged teenager they know beforehand. It was very evident however to the professional hairdressers in the parlor that she was nervous all the time, asking all sorts of questions on what to do in a formal dance.

Prom UpdoProm Hairstyle Weave UpdoThe hair stylists are ready anytime though to coach any new wearer of the prom hairstyles, on what to do when she attends a prom for the first time. They have experienced teaching other young girls before getting their first formal hair style in the parlor for their first prom. They know her nervousness is just normal for a girl in high school dancing for the first time in the bright lights in a prom. They know she can really be awkward at first.

But they assure the first-time high school prom attendee to relax – if she won an award before in disco dancing, she can always win another award now that she has grown to be a beauty in her first prom hairstyle.