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Into Shag Hairstyles?

Short Shag Haircut HairstyleThe shag hairstyle had its beginnings in the 1970’s after the end of the Vietnam War. There was a sense of relief in the country that the soldiers were finally back in American soil after so many of them died in that prolonged conflict. The war did not really have the support of many people who continued to oppose the sending of the boys to Vietnam. These years seemed to be the years of the protests, and this manifested in the hair styles many people invented as an expression of their feelings. The messy look of the shag seemed to portray the seemingly general feeling of dissatisfaction with the system then.

 Blonde 70s Shag HairstyleThe older generations of course found this unrest in Americans as the signs of growing indiscipline, especially in the young people. The elders of course who experienced the hardships of the World Wars could not understand this turn of events. Many were shaking their heads on what went wrong in their raising of their children who now were entering their teen years and going for what the elders saw as the atrocious shag hair style, about which the youth seemed to be so fascinated.

More History of Shag Hairstyles

Lioness Shag HairstyleThe hair stylists in the parlors of course followed the new shag hairstyle created by artists who found the new development in society as intriguing. Art is one form of the expression of people’s feelings and sentiments, and the artists who created the new shag hairstyle felt that they were only making people aware of what was happening around them. These were also the beginnings of the spread of marijuana from the drug plantations in Asia to the American continent, due to the return of the troops from the war in Vietnam. Many of the soldiers have become the first marijuana smokers among the American youth. They have learned the habit form the South Vietnamese troops who had regular marijuana sessions among themselves as if they were just taking their morning coffee.

Short Shag Hair StyleThe rise of drugs in America could be among the minuses that were brought about by the involvement of the soldiers in the war in Vietnam. Many perhaps of the soldiers who were shipped overseas did not really want to go, as many of them probably felt the same protests of other young men who refused to serve in Vietnam. When they were out there in the Vietnamese countryside, they were thus tempted to partake of the marijuana sessions of their South Vietnamese counterparts who seemed to enjoy the pot sessions so much. Since these kinds of American soldiers grudgingly reported for Vietnam duty, they had this anti-Vietnam war feeling in their deeper thoughts all the while. If only they could have expressed their objections to the war, they could have started the shag hairstyle in their ranks out in the field.

Since they were still part of military units, they could only air their protests by joining the marijuana sessions of their Vietnamese counterparts. Those soldiers who came back from Vietnam and rejoined their civilian communities later may have been amongst the first users of the shag hairstyle, as a form of reaction to the cold welcome they got from many Americans, especially those who never agreed with the country’s involvement in the conflict.