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Short Hair Styles For Independent Women

Blond Short Hair StyleSome women prefer to wear short hair styles, maybe largely for comfort especially in warm weather. Long hair may be good in the colder months when it serves as a buffer to cold winds aside from the scarf and other head warmers one can use to keep warm. In the warmer months however, it might be better to have the hair cut short; it is easier to maintain too. See the best hairstyling tools for short hair styles. Washing one's hair shortly cut than usual is a faster thing to do, and drying it will not be much of a problem.

Short Hairstyles for the Season

15 Short Hair StylesThe fashionable type of woman may like to have two hair styles – long hair during a large part of the year, and short hair styles during summer. Hair stylists in the beauty parlors are aware of these seasonal preferences of some women, so they have also several types of short hair styles they can recommend to their customers. They have pictures of women with short hair to impress their customers that indeed short hair is also fashionable, especially to a woman having her hair cut short for the first time, and unsure of how she will look with it. The hair stylists of course make sure that the women with short hair styles that they show their customers are beauties, so they can convince a woman customer easily to go for the new short hair style.

Some women wanting to shift to short hair styles may first consult their boyfriends before going to the parlor for their new hairdo, knowing that their men have always been used to the long hair style that they have been wearing all the time. The men may approve of the idea, but the more conservative ones will have nothing of the proposal for a short hair style. They want their women as they are, satisfied with their looks with the long hair. But some men may go for the change in hair style, preferring to have the chance to see how their girl friends look with the short hair.

Some women though, especially those of the independent-minded type just go ahead with their desire for short hair styles, and surprise their boyfriends later when she is done with it from the parlor. A woman, who goes for the new short hair style without consulting anybody including her boy friend, is used to doing things her way.

Brunette Short HairstyleShe would not care talking to her man before having her hair cut short because to her it is a very trivial matter and she does not want to waste time asking the opinion of her boy friend. After all, she knows that the boyfriend got attracted to her in the fist place because of her independent-mindedness.

She wants to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend that way. She does not want to bother consulting him about her short hair styles; she has known her boyfriend for so long, and she knows that he does not care so much about her hair. He got hooked to her anyway because of what is inside her head – not because of her hair.