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Solia Hair Dryer

Solia Hair Dryer

Solia Hair Dryer

Solia 1875W Professional Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer

The Solia Hair Dryer delivers 1875 watts of drying power. This Professional Thermal Ionic Hri Dryer produces negative ions that help your hair, making it shinier, smoother, and healthier

The Solia Hair Dryer (Thermal Ionic Blow Dryer) is light weight and quiet. It uses negative ion technology. The Solia Hair Dryer helps make hair styling faster and easier.

The Solia Hair Dryer is ergonomically designed with comfortable grip handles made to reduce stress on the hands and wrists when using.

  • Solia hair dryer has ionic generator which eliminates static.
  • Solia hair dryer provides 1875 watts of high output drying power
  • Solia hair dryer is adjustable for setting the perfect, long-lasting hairstyle.
  • Solia hair dryer offers a concentrating nozzle in 2 sizes for professional hair styling results.
  • Solia hair dryer comes with a tangle resistant 9 power cord.

Solia Hair Dryer Rating:

Product details

Review: "I have thick wavy hair that really holds onto water. With some blow dryers, by the time I get my hair mostly dry I'm so hot that I've started sweating (which makes my hair curl up) and I have to take a break from drying my hair just to cool off. I haven't had this happen using the Solia hair dryer. I feel the Solia blow dryer represents a good value and am very pleased with the quality.." ~ Maria from Apex, North Carolina writing about her Solia hair dryer

"I ordered the Solia hair dryer because of the reviews i read. I have soft and naturally wavy hair. When i read about the air speed of the Solia dryer, i was hesitant thinking it would be too much for soft hair. it did exactly what the previous customers stated in their reviews. the air speed is awesome but yet it did not tangle or dry it out. in fact, because of the air speed my naturally wavy hair brushed out so smooth and silky. I think if anyone had a bad experience with this tool, it must be due to incorrect usage -- like any other hair dryer, you shouldn't hold it close to your hair and there should always be some kind of silicone conditioner applied before blow drying. The Solia hair dryer is a GREAT product. ." ~ Jerry from Hawaii writing about the Solia Hair Dryer

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