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Benefits of Using One of the New Steam Hair Straighteners Reviewed Here

Steam hair straighteners steam hair straight while smoothing the cuticle layer which serves to lock in your hairstyle. Steam helps put in moisture and make your hair shiny, so you get professional salon looks from home. New steam hair straighteners work by filling the water reservoir and popping it into place. This will privide up to 20 minutes of hair-styling steam. You can turn the steam feature on or off. You can adjust to high or low steam settings depending on your hair type for silky smooth straight hairstyles.

Steam Hair Straightener by ConairInfiniti by Conair Ionic New Steam Hair Straightener

The new Infiniti ionic steam straightener with electronic temperature control delivers superior high heat that is capable of straightening hair in only one stroke, without damaging it. Four ceramic heaters ensure fast heating. New Steam Hair Straighteners Rating is

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New Steam Hiar Straighteners Reviews: "This Conair steam hair straightener is ok. It doesn't leave hair super straight like others do. The good thing is because of the steam it's seems not burn my hair like the others. It is not worth so much money though I would rather go with a chi." from Denise from Los angeles, CA

"I love this product. I have the same type of poofy hair that the people on the commercials have and I went home last night after receiveing the steam hair straightner and it was just like it was when I come from the hair salon. I am 100% satisfied with this product." by Kathleen from FL

Remington New Steam Hair StraightenersRemington Wet to Straight Steam Hair Straightener 2 Inches

Steam hair straightening vents allow this flat iron to be used on wet or dry hair, unlike conventional straighteners. The channels extract moisture form damp hair and allow steam to escape through the vents, drying hair and sealing the cuticle at the same time. This new steam hair straightener's features mean you can dry and straighten hair at the same time.Steam flat irons rating:

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Steam Flat Irons Review:  Zia from Missouri says:"I've had this straightener for about a year. at first when i used it it looked really good but it has damaged and fryed my hair very badly!! i now have split ends and broken off hair everywhere. it has also made my hair smell really bad. it smells like a mix between rotten eggs and fried hair. it takes forever to heat up and i am never using it again. it has completely ruined my hair. i am now looking into buying a Solia or Chi"

Reviewer: Michelle from Wisconsin writes: "I've never used a flat iron before and was expecting it to be torturous to use on my permed hair. So not the case! This worked fabulously! I wouldn't ever use it on wet hair (that just SOUNDS wrong!), but the medium setting works great on my perm all but gone thick hair. In a matter of minutes my hair is straight!"

Corioliss Tourmaline Ceramic Wet to Dry Flat Iron

Another of the new steam hair straighteners that lets you dry and straighten your hair at the same time. The Corioliss tourmaline flat iron features: 1.75" plates Ceramic Far Infrared Heating System Heats up to 430oF Strategically positioned vent holes to allow steam to evaporate Steam dries hair to lock in moisture and softness  Steam flat irons rating:

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Steam Hair Straightners Review:  Missy: "This steam hair straightener was seriously amazing. I got it about a year ago, and I love it. My hair is thick, coarse, and curly, and it straightens it in less than 25 minutes, which is amazing to me. I've used other straighteners that have taken many times longer, and haven't gotten nearly as good of results as I do with this straightener. This one makes my hair very flat, and frizz is pretty much non-existent. I recommend this to anyone who needs a good straightener. The one heat setting has made no effect as far as I can tell, and my hair hasn't been damaged by it at all." writing about her Coriolous hair straighteners

T3 Tourmaline Wet-to-Dry Steam Flat Iron

The T3 steam hair straightener lets you steam dry your hair to lock in moisture and softness with its adjustable temperature control reaching as high as 410F. Delivers infrared heat for deep, long lasting hair straightening. The T3 steam hair straighteners were featured as the "Editor's Pick" for In Style hair straightener's 2006 "Best Beauty Buys" issue. Dry and straighten your hair at the same time. Made with 100% crushed tourmaline technology  New steam hair straighteners rating:

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Steam Hair Straightners Review:  Karen from Chicago, IL writes: "I love this steam hair straightening iron. No frying, no frizzing, no snagging no problems. I do not use it on sopping wet hair - I do towel dry first. My hair is fairly straight and shoulder length and the results are always good. Dry carefully, dry in small sections. I have had the iron for 3 years. Or should I say I had it for 2 and then my daughter took it to college with her (teenagers are not known for treating their electronics gently) and the iron is still going strong."