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T3 Hair Dryers

T3 Hair Dryers

T3 Hair Dryer: Evolution Blow Dryer

The T3 Hair Dryer lifts hair styling to new heights of skill and artistry. An alternative to the Featherweight hair dryer, the equally lightweight Evolution T3 hair dryer dries hair super-fast and conditions to leave your hair feeling healthy, beautiful and vibrant product details

T3 Hair Dryer Ratings:

Review: "Any of the T3 blow dryers are awesome. This t3 hair dryer is so light weight and closes the cuticle to smooth the end result its amazing. It is pretty quiet compared to the stariotype blow dryer. My sister even noticed a difference in her hair after using this product. I use a Chi blow dryer at home and it is loud but does somewhat of the job. When I bring the T3 hair dryer home, we ALL notice a difference! You won't regret this purchase!" ~ Steph from Pennsylvania writing about her T3 hair dryer.

T3 Hair Dryer: Overnight Travel Dryer

T3 Hair Dryer / Tourmaline Overnight delivers the performance and innovation of the T3 Featherweigh" hair dryer in a compact, globe-trotting size. It dries hair quickly and safely, and with a static-free finish by utilizing the same breakthrough technologies that have made T3 hair dryers popular. product details

T3 Hair Dryer Ratings:

Review: "I've been using the T3 hair dryer for about a month now. It is a small, lightweight, quiet dryer that is still powerful enough to get the job done. However, I haven't noticed a very drastic improvement to the quality of my hair compared to my old blow dryer. Overall the T3 travel hair dryer is a good solid product though may not be worth the high pricetag." ~ JC from Toronto writing about her T3 hair dryer.

t 3 tourmaline hair dryer featherweight t3

T3 Hair Dryer

The T3 tourmaline ceramic ionic blow dryers dry your hair 60% quicker than other tournaline driers. The sleek design delivers fast safe drying power and weighs less than one pound product details

T3 Hair Dryer Ratings:

Review: "My hairstylist has been using this T3 hair dryer on me since it first came out. I recently started cosmetology school and the blow dryer they gave us with our kit was an okay dryer. My local beauty supply store was having a sale where you get the T3 hair dryer (Featherweight), the difuser, and the T3 flat iron in a package. So I thought I'd go ahead and pick it up so I'd have nicer tools. I couldn't be happier with them. My teacher is always commenting on how straight and smooth i get my mannequins and clients hair. It also cuts down on my hair drying time, which is always a good thing during a client service." ~ Dusty from North Carolina writing about her T3 hair dryer.

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