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Wedding Hairstyles for the Military Bride

Wedding Hair StyleMilitary wedding hairstyles depend on the service haircut. Women now serve in the military service just like the men, since military organizations now have many jobs that not only men can do but can also be done by women. The high technology now used by military units have created highly technical jobs that can be handled very well by women as efficiently as the men, so women are now encouraged to join the service not only as a matter of duty for the country, but as a profession that provides for one’s bread and butter as well.

Wedding Hairstyles for Military BridesBecause of the proliferation of female soldiers now in military units, the chances of a male and female soldier becoming husband and wife are much higher than before.

Weddings take place now and then as couples in the ranks decide to get hitched with each other, many in wedding ceremonies unique to people in the military. While they wear uniforms in such ceremonies, the bride still has to wear the traditional bridal dress and they wear wedding hairstyles like any other bride.

Wedding Hairstyles

Since they have been wearing short hair styles after joining the military, the wedding hairstyle of the female soldier who walks down the aisle as a military bride accentuates the short style type that she has been used to wearing over the years that she has been in the service. While the military wedding hair style may be simple enough for the bride herself and fellow women soldiers to do on their own, there is no stopping the military bride from getting the services of a parlor hair stylist to do her hair for a very special occasion like her own wedding.

If it is not the female soldier who becomes a bride who seeks the services of the parlor for her wedding hairstyle, it could be the husband who will do so; he may ask the parlor hairstylist to make his bride look like a woman on the wedding day because he wants to be sure he is marrying a woman, and not just any soldier. The bridegroom may just be saying this in jest, but he could be serious too considering that some female soldiers have even shorter hair than the men. So how should such kind of a bride appear like a woman?

Soldiers Wedding HairstylesThe hair stylist of course (who could be somebody who is gay) assures the groom not to worry about such a thing as woman’s features are really different from a man’s. The woman for example has the female type of breasts which a man does not have. Her aquiline features too show that a woman is different from a man. The homo assures the groom that the wedding hairstyle he has planned for his military bride will make her look like a woman even if they address her as “Sergeant”. The “weaker sex” characteristic of any woman, the homo avers, will show wherever she is, including when she is marching down the aisle on her wedding day. Her nervousness will be quite evident even just from the way she smiles at her friends wishing her luck in her marriage.

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